• The rev counter is incorporated, and an inductance clamp meter, capacitance clamp meter or MGT-300 EVO (via Bluetooth) can also be connected (wireless module optional)
  • Connection to a PC is possible via the RS-232 cable, USB or the BT-100 Bluetooth module.

The AGS-690 samples the exhaust gas from the exhaust pipe using the probe. Thanks to the interaction with the specified BRAIN BEE OMNIBUS-800 software, users benefit from all the features of the analyzer. In addition, the user can easily switch from routine measurements to legally specified test. The device functions by measuring the degree to which the gas in the sample absorbs infrared rays during analysis. Using its high-precision technology, the AGS-690 analyses the absorption of the different frequency bands of the constituents CO, CO2 and HC, and thereby determines the concentrations. Oxygen and NOx concentrations can be measured as an option via electrochemical sensors.

Pneumatic assembly:
The condensate separator assembly was precision-forged to minimise the gas travel and shorten maintenance times. The separation filter has two parts: a net filter and a coalescing filter. The design enables the continuous exit of condensate forming in the separator via a single-shaft, twin-head pump. In addition to the gas and air inlet for the autozero phase, the AGS -690 also features another special inlet for calibrating the gas sample cylinder.


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