Who Are We ?

Company definition

Advanced Technology & Environment Co. is a commercial member of ATEC Group and was established in 2003. The company is a pioneer in Egypt in the field of detection of faults for modern cars and test engines and equipment maintenance centers and modern workshops. The company has more than 30 years of experience in the field of modern car service of all kinds.
This experience has led to a tremendous ability to change in the field of workshop equipment and centers to serve modern cars in Egypt and the Middle East through the distinguished devices we deal with the most famous and best German, English, Italian and other international companies.

Why do we differ from others?

• ATEC is characterized by its after-sales service, which is unlike any of the competitors in its speed, quality and commitment in terms of full sense of responsibility before it has the customer’s possession.
• ATEC has the greatest power among its competitors in that one of the members of the group serving its objectives is the Center for Automotive Technology and Engineering. Which is an integrated center for the maintenance of modern cars, which gives an opportunity for the company does not exist at the same, where the experience and operation of all equipment for a long period not less than 6 months to be tested by our engineers and know the maximum benefit can be achieved through these devices and all before going out to the Egyptian market. This is also a great opportunity for sales and maintenance engineers to study and test the equipment in full to become experts not comparable to experts in these devices.
• ATEC covers various areas such as fault detection, environmental inspection, modern key cryptography, angle control, various washing and cleaning equipment, a set of basic equipment and the special number for integrated garage processing and service centers.
• ATEC is one of the leading companies in the field of supplying environmental inspection equipment in Egypt, which is limited to Italian machines, unlike any other equipment. It is also a leading company in supplying workshops and fleet owners with maintenance and diagnosis of faults.
• ATEC is now seeking to extend its work and distribute it to many countries in the Middle East.

We Sell 

Equipment and equipment tested before being put on the market. There is no room for customer experience. Expert opinions and experiences have been translated into durable products specifically designed to suit the use of workshops in the Middle East under difficult conditions of service.


All of the company’s products are guaranteed by the terms of genuine warranty without any disclaimer of responsibility, which guarantees the safety of investment in the purchase of the company and our customers witness this and we are grateful for that.
We maintain all equipment and maintenance, and good maintenance means the scarcity of faults, saving consumption and raising the performance rate. We are keen to remind our customers of the maintenance schedules and we do it to the fullest.

And Support

Owning the equipment does not mean that you are able to operate it optimally or get the appropriate income from them. Therefore, we entrust training to a group within a specialized group that takes you to the professionalism in the use of modern equipment.
We support: We are unique at the level of Egypt and the Middle East by providing technical support in modern ways, whether by mobile phone or by e-mail, and soon we offer a service representing the technical support to the workshops.