• Modularity: you can configure your station by choosing BRAIN BEE instruments (or others), and connecting them to the PC station.
  • Open system: compatible with all common commercial software and hardware systems.
  • Plug and play solution: we fully configure and test all our exhaust examination testers.
  • Approved by several national regulations (in continuous development).

Exhaust gas analysis module with infrared technology, to link up to the pc thru serial port or optional Bluetooth interface. Its small size and 12 v d.c power supply mean it can be used everywhere in a garage or at roadside inspections. Equipped with proprietary software OMNIBUS 800 BRAIN BEE, for installation on PC, carries out various operations that help the operator to fine tune the vehicle’s anti-pollution devices:

Gas curve:

The unit automatically saves the gas readings at different engine speeds and plots them on a gas curve. Especially recommended for road tests or test bench tests.

Automatic diagnostics:

The program analyses the gas values and creates a list of individual readings.

Catalytic converter efficiency:

The program guides the user through the test and calculates the efficiency of the catalytic converter for the different types of gas in percent – ahead of and behind the catalytic converter.

Double lambda sensor test:

With its oscilloscope feature, the unit analyses variations in the signal and calculates an operating efficiency value.

Cylinder head leak test:

The program guides the user through the test and, by analyzing the gases in the coolant expansion tank, is able to determine whether the cylinder head gasket is leaking.


You can configure your station with BRAIN BEE devices and choose the best accessories for the specific setup.

Plug and Play solution:

different easy-to-use configurations are available, in order to fit all the setup scenarios.


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