• Small and compact.
  • 12-V power supply and comfortable.
  • powered by PSI-050 power pack.

Small and compact: Thanks to its small size, 12-V power supply and comfortable, ergonomic handle, the OPA-100 is extremely easy to use on the go. The opacimeter can be connected to a PC via serial port. It is powered by PSI-050 power pack. However, with the OMNIBUS-800 software specially developed by BRAIN BEE, you can use the OPA-100 to work on all makes and models.

Guaranteed Modularity
Like many other devices in this series, the OPA-100 opacimeter can also be incorporated in various BRAIN BEE emission control configurations, enabling end users to set the testing station up entirely in line with their individual requirements. It can also be integrated in existing stations (on a BRAIN BEE trolley), and therefore blends in harmoniously and stylistically in workshops that use BRAIN BEE equipment.


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