• Available as a Stand-Alone unit.
  • 0 to 700 Bar.
  • Flexible high pressure pipe connection.

IFT-70 Features

  • 0 to 700 Bar
  • Spray chamber for spray pattern observation
  • Injection graduate 158 ml in 2ml graduations
  • Backleak graduate 158ml in 2ml graduations
  • Graduate drain facility (semi-automatic).
  • Fume extraction
  • Simple injector fixture for:-
    – different injector sizes
    – change between spray pattern & measurement modes
  • No adaptors required for standard injectors
  • Side port adaptor required for specific applications
  • Flexible high pressure pipe connection
  • Includes IFT-c controller
  • Optional Ultrasonic Cleaner (IFT-u)
  • Optional nozzle opening pressure for non CR injectors. (IFT-n)

Module IFT-c (Common Rail Control Box)

  • Integrated with IFT-70
  • Controls IFT-70 and Safety interlocks
  • Injector driver profiles:-
    – Delphi, Denso and Bosch Solenoid
    – Continental and Bosch piezo
  • Compatible with Testmaster for common rail capability
  • available as stand-alone unit

Module IFT-u

  • Optional integration with IFT-70
  • 1.5 litre capacity

    IFT-u Ultrasonic Tank

  • Available as a Stand-Alone unit

Module IFT-n

  • Optional Nozzle opening pressure display
  • For use with:
    – Traditional Single Stage injectors
    – EUI nozzles (when used with Hartridge adaptors)
  • Displays NOP on IFT-c display
  • Spray pattern assessment in spray chamber


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