• Compatible with PC or Tablet.
  • Reading out control unit information.
  • Reading and erasing errors.
  • Working with Windows, Android, iOS.
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In combination with PC or Tablet – EOBD connection via Bluetooth

The BRAIN BEE CONNEX make use of all the major diagnostic features:


  • Reading out control unit information
  • Reading and erasing errors
  • Adjustments
  • Activations
  • Codes
  • Graphic display of the position of diagnostic connectors in the vehicle, and the right diagnostic connector to use.

CONNEX: always completely up to date, always ready for exclusive features. Thanks to the WiFi connection, every update is installed on your CONNEX device automatically. This way, your device always delivers the very best performance. What’s more, the WiFi connection enables direct, instant access to a large number of further exclusive features, such as:


  • Automatic Search/VIN Search
  • SKIP 100 – Search By Plate
  • BPS Brain Problem Solver – Self Diagnosis Information Portal

The BRAIN BEE Helpdesk is also available. Each report that you send is analysed immediately by BRAIN BEE specialized technicians and answered rapidly.

Automatic vehicle search – Ready for action fast! The CONNEX immediately recognises the vehicle model you are working on. You can choose between four different models, entirely in accordance with your habits and preferences:


  • COLUMBUS: just enter a key word and the functions allows you to skip other passages, allowing you to immedately enter into a diagnostic session
  • By entering the VIN
  • SKIP 100 search by plate (optional) by entering the vehicle registration number
  • Manual search for the model, facilitated by actual vehicle photos

(1) Windows

(2) Windows, Android, iOS


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