Automotive Injectors Bank ITC 3100 Brain Bee. This injectors tester is used for the diagnosis and statistical verification of petrol and methane or LPG injectors, with TOP FEED and SIDE FEED injectors.

The ITC-3100 is equipped with a software for calculating the flow rate of the injector to have the maximum resolution in the tests and to adapt the test carried out on the basis of the effective functional characteristics of the injector installed on the car.

A guided procedure managed by a sophisticated diagnosis and verification software guides the operator during the different phases of the analysis of the injectors under test.

By controlling and cleaning the injectors it is possible to:

Verify the operation of the injectors by means of sequences of tests.
Recover, through unlocking and cleaning, the optimal functionality of undamaged injectors.
The LCD screen provides clear and precise indications to the operator providing 3 options.

Diagnosis: predefined sequence of several functional tests for complete checking of the status of the injectors.
Manual: each test can be performed directly by the operator by manually configuring the control parameters
Customized: the user can preset and memorize up to 5 customized test configurations, the test pieces are graduated to obtain the maximum precision of the measurement. Each specimen incorporates high efficiency white led illumination to clearly visualize the spray pattern.


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