Carman Scan VCI



  • VCI interface for use with a PC or Laptop
  • Asian, European, American and Australian software
  • Can be used through Bluetooth or hard wired
  • Menu selection or auto search
  • Operates with all protocols including Canbus
  • Great graphics with intuative icon use
  • Read and clear fault codes
  • Current data with min / max and graphing
  • Actuator operation and real time check

Scan Functions

  • EMS, Airbag, ABS, Body control, Dashboard, Chassis, Comfort, Immobiliser,, Diesel, etc
  • Self diagnosis, fault code read, store and clear
  • Live data display, digital, graphic, min & max & store
  • Actuator test and activation
  • Flight record
  • Service light reset, warning light reset, Coding and adaptation


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