Carman Scan Lite



  • Compact hand held tester 256Mb built in memory
  • LCD backlight 320 x 240 resolution 40 columns x 12 lines
  • OBD-11, KWP-2000, SAE-J1587 Compatibility
  • Canbus ready
  • Internal battery .2hrs


  • Pictorial & text diagnostic socket location
  • Large range and depth of software Korea, Asian, European, USA & Australian.
  • Menu vehicle selection, auto ECU scan, General search

Scan Functions

  • EMS, Airbag, ABS, Body control, Dashboard, Chassis, Comfort, Immobiliser,, Diesel, etc
  • Self diagnosis, fault code read, store and clear
  • Live data display, digital, graphic, min & max & store
  • Actuator test and activation
  • Flight record
  • Service light reset, warning light reset, Coding and adaptation


  • Near OE software for Hyundai / Kia
  • Near OE level on Asian applications
  • Additional software, European, USA, Australian
  • Update via internet
  • No time out software
  • No software “catch up” charges
  • 64bit Windows 7 & 8 PC Compatible


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